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Green Clean




We care about our environment! Clean Fleet has been doing its part for several years to make sure we keep our customers as well as ourselves in compliance with all state and federal guidelines for waste water reclaim and discharge while providing our affordable cleaning services.



You may think there would be an extra cost for enviromental cleaning, but thats just not true this day and time. Actually with the cleaning chemical formulation and washing techniques we have learned from years of experience, we are able to match if not beat our competitors prices while providing quality results.


Clean Fleet uses 100% environmentally safe bio degradable washing detergents.

We also have a full water reclaim system to remove waste water from the wash sites.

Our crews are fully trained in enviormental cleaning and reclaiming techniques as well as being safety certified.

If need be we are also able to block or cover any drains so that none of the wash water reaches the storm drains.


With our Green Clean policy this is just one more of the many concerns you can be sure is being taken care of to protect you buisness from fines and penalties.  So let Clean Fleet take this and many other burdens that come with Fleet and Facilty washing off your hands. From our saftey program, our complete data base of keeping up with the dates of each vehicles wash to the Green Clean policy, we have you covered. Clean Fleet puts your business first.




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